Monday, December 8, 2008

The Roach Family {DFW Area Family Photographer}

Despite a windy day, I ended up with some great shots of the Roach family. Downtown Mansfield gave us a great backdrop for some really cool pictures of Katie and her BFF Sarah! Two models in the making I think. I had so much fun you guys. I had a really busy weekend but that is a good problem to have!

The New Brady Bunch {DFW Area Family Photographer}

What a beautiful family! The kids could all have a future in modeling if you ask me! They had so much fun together and Melvin and Shelly couldn't keep their hands off each other. :) I even got to pet their hairless cat Marley...never seen one of those before! Thanks y'all for lots of was great meeting all of you!

The Cooper Family {DFW Area Family Photographer}

What an awesome family! Hilarious, unique and fun! We had a blast Saturday morning at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. We spent most of our time in the Japanese Gardens and it was absolutely beautiful. Thanks guys for a great time!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beautiful Lilly {DFW Area Baby Photographer}

I got to take some pictures of my sweet little niece at almost 5 months old today at my secret location! It's a gorgeous house that is open and for sale near my house and it's empty. So I like to use it for a great backdrop for awesome pictures! Hey, I may be able to buy it one day...if I get about a couple thousand more photo sessions booked! ;)

Enjoy little Lillian Mackenzie!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Grazetti Family {DFW Area Family Photographer}

I had so much fun today! Thanks for letting me spend the morning with you guys. Y'all are an awesome family!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Future Model? {DFW Area Children Photographer}

I think my oldest nephew Hayden has a future in modeling. Not once did I tell him how to stand or pose or anything! He just started moving and I started snapping! I really think his mom and dad need to get him into modeling or acting or something. He is so handsome and has a great personality. But I am just a little biased! What do you think?

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